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    Long Island Postal Customer Council
    160 Duryea Road
    PO Box 8601
    Melville NY 11760-9400

    Adam Avrick
    Industry Co-Chair
    Ph: 631-242-2000
    Fax: 631-242-7367

    Sherilyn Simmons
    Manager of Consumer Affairs
    Ph: 631 755-2850
    Fax: 631 755-2905

    Melida Nealy
    Manager, Customer Relations
    Ph: 631 391-6570
    Fax: 631 391-6576

    Join LI PCC

    The LI PCC provides a three (3) tier membership based on customer participation and involvement with the PCC. The LI PCC does not collect any fees or dues to become any type of member.

    Whether a General Member, Executive Policy Board Member or Executive Officer, LI PCC Membership does have its privileges. All members receive information on new and existing Postal Service products, programs, regulations and procedures through monthly newsletters and monthly meeting presentations. Members can receive “Certificates of Completion” on Educational “Tracks” provided through presentations throughout the year. Company recognition is provided to Executive Policy Members & Executive Officers on the LI PCC website, LI PCC monthly newsletter and discounts are offered for these members at our annual special events.

    LI PCC Membership Eligibility

    General: General membership is open to all business mailers who use the services of the Postal Service.

    Executive Policy Board: This group is comprised of individuals from industry and postal employees. This is the planning group of the council (also referred to as the PCC Board members or Policy Committee members). Members MUST attend a combination of five (5) LI PCC meetings or events per year and must participate in at least one of the Sub-Committees established by the Council

    Executive Officers: LI PCC Executive Officers consist of a Postal Co-Chair, Industry Co-Chair, First Vice-Chairperson, Second Vice-Chairperson, Secretary & Treasurer. Executive Officers are elected to serve for a two (2) year term.

    Download the By Laws here.